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Laurent Hardy

Business logic designer, co-founder of Cryptoeconomics.hub

After studying the field of blockchain and crypto in general for over 2 years, I started being more interested in the underlying mechanics of blockchain: cryptoeconomics. It encapsulates both power and fear and has the objective of incentivising people in a particular direction (i.e. their behaviour) according to the types of outcomes the project wants to see. It is a fascinating new field of research that involves cryptography, game theory, mechanism design, behavioural economics, psychology, anthropology, and more. It is all about better understanding human beings in how they behave in order to align a set of incentives and make collaboration work on a massive scale. My rol in Cryptoeconomics.hub will be to actively speaking about the field and push for open discussions about new theories, new ideas and best practices. It is a Hub so the idea is to put as many people in touch with each other as possible while at the same time, organise the knowledge that will be generated. Cofounder of Etherim Madrid: Ethereum Madrid has 250+ active members. Within the organisation I organise public and private events on topics that are mainly related with the Ethereum blockchain. My activities also involved education, both for the public free of charge and for private clients. I'm one of the community leads for our communication channels. Recently I've been focussing my attention on specific disciplines within the field such as cryptoeconomics and governance models as I anticipate those elements to be critical for the projects running on the blockchain.

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