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Paula Vida

4th Sector Research analyst

My curiosity for the modern world and its mechanics pushed me to study economics, which later motivated me to analyse different contemporary situations accelerated by the globalization of markets, better communications, and climate change.
International environments have interested me from a very early age, but this interest peaked during an exchange year in the Netherlands and my participation in an international festival about how the future is calling for action. These international experiences gave me a more complete view of the world and society that we live in and inspired me to get involved in more meaningful projects.
This has driven me to develop my bachelor thesis on 4th sector firms and how to measure their impact. Due to our current economic model and habits, we are facing some challenges that need an imperative solution, which is where circular economic initiatives and 4th sector enterprises play an incredibly important role. The main objective of the thesis is to determine the extent to which existing ecosystems and clusters of enterprises can be measured, and therefore qualify as fourth sector entities.
Finally, I would love to keep exploring new fields and paths that allow me to learn and develop as a professional, in relation with the transition to the new economy.

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