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Sharam Yalda

Founder, Regenerative business strategy & transformation

An Ecologist and Economist, with expertise in Regenerative Business Design; focused particularly on transformation through three 3 pillars: CIRCULAR ECONOMY | DECARBONISATION | DIGITISATION.

Works with clients and collaborators to develop and fund innovation projects through European and national Research & Innovation programmes.

Since 2013, has worked on strategic areas of disruptive and systemic change, which include: decarbonisation, social equality and circular economy, in relations with SMEs and Startups, within the context of Smart Cities & Communities; achieved through New Business Models, technological solutions and digitisation. Actions include diverse and transversal subjects like: eco-design, renewable-materials, waste-elimination, sustainable fashion, new transport systems, new collaborative and network-based solutions, decentralised energy transition, or other solutions aimed at mitigating climate change or addressing use of resources.

Multifaceted professional focus: supporting businesses in developing a triple balance business model with a 4th sector focus (for-purpose and for-impact businesses) with the aim of participating in disruptive or game-changing innovation projects achieved through public sector co-funding.
Generally, working as a change agent through advocacy aimed at accelerating the transition towards a regenerative business culture and the new economy: dissemination and awareness-building, developing alliances, participation in talks, seminars and workshops, member of jury and groups.

Seasoned proposal developer with strong project storytelling skills focused on business outcomes. Participate in projects as Business Model and Market Study expert applying triple bottom line and circular economy business design approaches.

Registered Horizon 2020 Expert for SME activities: ID EX2014D225688

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