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Alvaro Sánchez Miralles

Energy Transition & Electrification, Human Centred Design

Experts in energy flexibility and providing THE solution for the future digital energy market where EVs, heat pumps, hybrid RES, and storage will play a key role. Several demonstrations are running in 5 regions and 3 climatic zones in Spain, where aggregation of buildings is used to enable energy flexibility for the grid, cut the bill and reduce carbon emissions.
Stemy energy has a social focus to fight against energy poverty and put energy efficiency first as the only way to achieve a more sustainable world.
We also help companies to comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD).

• Expert in data models, high performance programming and smart systems architecture, who has implemented very complex and sophisticated systems in the main energy utilities.
• Expert in optimization (heuristic, deterministic and stochastic optimization), data analytics and forecasting, who has solved the most challenging optimization problems (NP-Hard), e.g. he one of the authors and main designer of the Reference Network Model used at worldwide and by the Spanish CNMV.
• Expert in very efficient electronics and robotics (PhD). Domotics, autonomous land and aerial vehicles has been developed by Alvaro since 1998.
• Recently (last 3 years) he has been specializing in customer engagement in energy, and now he is a member of the Customer Engagement Working Group of the European Commission.
• Disruptive integration of this skills in different application: smart grids, smart cities, integration of renewable generation and storage in distribution networks, power grids planning and energy management in buildings.
• Coordinator of the Intelligent Systems research group at IIT. 18 years as researcher at the IIT where he has supervised and is supervising several PhD Candidates.
• He is a member of the MIT “Utility of the future” worldwide project.

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