Cliff Southcombe

Social Enterprises, 4.0 Education & Eco-Social Innovation

Cliff is a passionate social entrepreneur and driven community activist.
He has co-organized England’s first community operative Community Routes (CLG)

Founder of Social Enterprise Europe (2003)
Founder of SEi Fair Shares

Cliff has led the Social and Sustainable Enterprise movement worldwide since the 1980’s. He is Founder and Director of Social Enterprise International, Co Founder of Fair Shares Association, and an active thought leader in the global transition towards sustainable enterprise solutions.

Managing a team of 8 Directors based in Ireland, UK, Panama, Nigeria, Germany and Indonesia, Cliff has worked in over 45 countries introducing and developing the concept of social enterprise. He has designed and delivered degree level University accredited courses on social enterprise management and pioneered work in new business models including Shared wealth Social enterprises, social auditing and Social Licencing.

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