Daniel C. Pietsch

Systemic innovation, entrepreneurship, digital transformation

Innovation and transformation expert. For the past years, he worked on projects in systemic innovation, entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and participated in organizing numerous tech fairs and startup events.

He is a co-founder of Untitled Inc. (a distributed economy think tank and venture launch pad) and Blockchain Research Accelerator (where he brings together experts from different industries, the public sector and academia) and founder of Systaimability were we “Rethinking Sustainability after COVID-19” while connect the systemic approach with climate innovative solution to be a part of the sustainable future and support to reach the 1,5 degrees Celsius aim!

.His collaboration with the startup incubator of the HWR University of Applied Sciences in Berlin resulted in concept and content creation for the Startup Classes (Entrepreneurship Summer School in Berlin). Mr. Pietsch explores and combines the fields of education, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship. His involvement in the academic sector is through innovation research for academic institutions and educating (e.g. design thinking, lean and agile management). As a consultant and startup coach he covers the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, maintaining a large network in the lean, agile and social entrepreneurship, startup communities particularly in the Berlin startup scene.

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