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Jose Esteban Gabarda

Governance and Complexity

Founder OSICO Blog (Key challenges in the development process): Analysis, reflection and collaboration in some of the most important challenges that we currently have: employment, climate change, energy efficiency, emerging technologies, among others, paying special attention to the constant introduction of ICT, innovation and creativity in the "transit of thought" towards the construction of a "Knowledge Society" very different from what we have had until now, where "Collective Intelligence", technology and a Governance in accordance with this new analysis of the situation should have a fundamental role in this process of change. - Publications and interviews related to the main challenges: Development Strategies, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Blockchain technology, Governance, Innovation and Technology ... As well as the contents of the interviews conducted with: Francisco García, Okan Geray U4SSC, Gerd Leonhard, Walter R. Stahel, Gunter Pauli, Robert Glennon, Anna Tari, Caitlin Nelligan, Juan Verde, Pedro Ballesteros

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