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Juan Manuel Revuelta

Legal counsel, EU regulations and advocacy. EU-level Communication.

He is Lawyer (University of Valencia) and Executive Master from IE Business School. He was Director of the Valencian Foundation for the European Region from 2003 to 2011 and President of the EU Network Regions Research and Innovation 2009-2011. He was advisory in the European Parliament (Regional Development) and the City Council of Valencia (Innovation). He got EU Erasmus Award, 1994. He has involved like Founding partner of different successful companies. Actually, he is Associate Professor in ‘in-company’ and executive programs. Director General of Finnovaregio Foundation (innovation in the regions) since March 2010 with an extensive experience in EU projects in the field of sustainability: Life + programs, Eco-innovation, Intelligent Energy, etc. He has participated in over 40 projects successfully and within 5 best of the best life projects.

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