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Melanie Haase

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion; Textile Technologies

I am the cofounder of Systaimability:
We are a group of experts, visionaries and enthusiasts, committed to direct the power of creativity at the SDG challenges.

We aim to:
CONNECT experts with the community: It's time to join the forces on all levels! Be part of it!
INSPIRE all of us to search, test, fail, transfer and learn to make our world greener and fairer place.
RETHINK the transformation to be a part of the sustainable future.
LOOK FOR solutions for the new challenges we are facing and reinvent the businesses.:

I am:
an experienced textile engineer with a weakness for fair fashion and a focus on sustainability.

I'm looking for:
Networking and projects with a focus on sustainability

I offer:
Expertise, strong communication skills and an open personality as well as a structured way of working, great commitment and a thirst for knowledge.

Organisation Website

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