Ranko Milić

Eco-Social/Regenerative Economy Developer, Advisor - Humanity 4.0

Ranko is an instigator of Humanity 4.0. A Humanity that is caring for my skin, kin, kind, all the kinds, and the World. A wise, holistic, or, maybe, divine humanity.
Ranko’s bold vision. His vision for us is this: a community of progressive, holistically healthy, and regeneratively wealthy people, organizations, and institutions. Through breakthrough radical eco-social economy innovations, fair-share business modelled initiatives, creative productions, projects, solutions, platforms, and technologies.
He believes it’s time. To go beyond the narrow perception of a self as a discrete land divided by a border wall of our skin. What about this self in a vacuum? It’s over in a matter of seconds. Without air, water, food, sun, we are good for nothing. And even if we are alone with all we need for our livelihood, without others, we are good for something but fairly nothing. Because, humanity is passion and compassion, self- and social and environmental actualization. This his greatest Self.

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