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Sandra Martín Simón

Regenerative & Circular Architect and Designer

Sandra is an Architect and designer with a pharmacy background additionally. She is also a Schmidt-Mc Arthur Fellow 16 & Mentor in Circular Economy and LFA.
Born on Earth Day and ubuntuist, she advocates for a shift towards a regenerative society, one that heals its context putting back to nature more than It takes.
She has a diverse experience of more than 18 years in designing at different scales, from biomaterials, exhibitions and buildings to frames, strategies and processes.
She has collaborated with different institutions as the European Commission or the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
With a belief in the power of questioning and design to transform the world, in the last few years She has created SmartinCircles, a social enterprise that promotes and designs regenerative circular strategies and creative actions in cities and other territories and  Cirklo, living systems  ,a firm that creates regenerative circular and healthy solutions in the built environment.
What if We all were “promoters of life” in each and every one of our actions?
#towardsaregenerativesociety #

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