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Vera Mandic

Values-led leadership consultant and facilitator

Founder and CEO of Bspark Values-led Leadership Academy, a program with the mission of creating future-proof leaders. Leaders that not only ensure their own future, but also the future of a better society and planet in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

She is striving to create a systemic and sustainable change in behaviors and actions of future leaders through understanding themselves, others, the world and empowering them to positively influence others and maximize their impact.

A public speaker, panelist and facilitator dealing with topics ranging from Values-led Leadership, Future of Work, Ethics, Social Entrepreneurship, Authentic Marketing, Crowdfunding, Women in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and SDG´s.

10+ years of brand experience in multinationals (Procter & Gamble and BAT) with proven track record of developing brand, product and go to market strategies and implementing them across channels and markets.

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