Founding Associates

Sharam Yalda

Founder, Regenerative business strategy & transformation

Regenerative business strategist and business model designer. An ecologist and economist focused on the transition to the new economy.

Laurent Hardy

Business logic designer, co-founder of Cryptoeconomics.hub

A business logic designer in the field of distributed ledger technology.

Samy Kazemi

Regenerative built-environment and communities strategist

Sustainability professional working at the intersection of sustainable development, technology & business.

Jose Chamon Parra

R&D, innovation project and funding expert for SME and Startups

An expert in strategic planning, business and technology plan development, with a specific focus in companies in the regenerative space.

Jean Paul Gueneau de Mussy

Regenerative Innovation Expert & Facilitator

How can we develop better businesses for a better world? A new kind of business that balances purpose and profit?

Sandra Martin

Regenerative & Circular Architect and Designer

A creative Architect that works "towards a regenerative society"


Anna Tari

Circular Economy partnerships, framework and definition

Founder and CEO, Circular Economy Club (CEC); Researcher, Boston University

Daniela Pavlova

Social innovation projects development and strategy

Senior Manager en SANNAS Triple Bottom Line Business Association

Juan Manuel Revuelta

Legal counsel, EU regulations and advocacy. EU-level Communication.

General Manager, Finnovaregio Foundation (Brussels)

Alvaro Sánchez Miralles

Energy Transition & Electrification, Human Centred Design

Founder & CEO Founder Stemy Energy

Bea Sanchez

Conscious lifestyle and diet for a purposeful life

Founder of
Hygienist naturopath and life coach

Jose Esteban Gabarda

Governance and Complexity

Founder, OSICO knowledge society, Leader Innovation, Technology and Circular Economy

Paloma García López

Sustainable & Slow Fashion business and communication

Founder, The Circular Project

Vera Mandic

Values-led leadership consultant and facilitator

Founder & CEO at Bspark Leadership Academy

Sohrab Jahanbani

Startups, User Community Platforms, Private Funding

Founder & CEO Bidvine


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