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We design businesses for the new humane economy.

A business is humane to the extent that the people who invest in them, run them and work in them are humane.

Businesses are designed and created by humans.

"To do business is to create value and positive impact for the good of humanity.

A business lacks humanity when it freely turns a blind eye to the negative human, social and ecological impact of its activities, externalising such costs to be burdened outside its domain.

Such businesses lack philosophical purpose, ethical responsibility, and are indebted when making profit by causing harm. Such degenerative business behaviour promotes the dehumanisation of business."

- Sharam Yalda


HumanNation defines 'Business' broadly in terms of all human activity which creates value in the domain of the economy, at all levels:

Exchange of knowledge, technology, goods, services, art, culture, and care. As such, any organisation or individual can be considered to be doing business when they generate value for society; whether involved in commerce, public services, non-governmental or non-profit activities, a startup yet to define its business, or those involved in domestic work.


We are open to support all organisations that have a willingness to adopt a regenerative culture.

Service Portfolio

New Vision &
Strategy Shift
  • Collective vision & purpose shift for the new economy

  • Disruptive innovation strategy for the human nation and the new business charter

  • Transformative humanisation of business process design

Circularity & Regenerative Design
  • Co-create and co-design the new business model

  • Cradle-to-cradle value-chain assessment

  • Social & Ecological impact evaluation

  • Business process transformation

Funding Co-innovation & EU Projects
  • Project funding through grants, loans and ethical investment

  • Collaborative & co-Innovation projects​

  • Partnerships and alliances for the new economy

Demand-driven human-centred innovation is effective when innovation tackles real problems,  while prioritising innovation effort, investment and impact on the most urgent societal and industrial challenges - openly involving all stakeholders. HumanNation focuses on transversal cross-cutting priorities and specific sectors related to today's challenges of humanity.

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