SANNAS - Association of Triple Balance Businesses

SANNAS is a business association that aims to extend a new way of understanding economic activity from a triple bottom line perspective: one that considers that there is a need for an economic balance, as well as ecological and social balance.

To have dialogue with market agents, to generate nodes and collaboration networks ... In short, to extend the Triple Balance economy.

We are more than 100 companies from very diverse sectors that agree on a vision: we care about being profitable, but also positively impacting the social and environmental environment. We want to continue growing in order to have the capacity to dialogue with the administration and with different institutions to lobby for a TRIPLE BALANCE business network.

SANNAS is a member of, the European Sustainable Business Federation, which sets a course towards sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. The Federation fundamentally carries out political advocacy activities and actions to generate a regulatory framework that is more favorable to sustainable SMEs. Main focuses are: circular economy, ecodesign, tax reform, eco-entrepreneurship, SDGs, climate change and energy transition.