SPLODER (Smart Planning and Operation of Distributed Energy Resources) is a disruptive flexibility exchange technology, developed and owned by STEMY, that interconnect end-users of electricity with local and national wholesale and ancillary energy markets, allowing the inclusion of distributed demand-side resources to provide cross-market flexibility services considering both implicit and explicit demand response.

SPLODER flexibility exchange approach is focused on small consumers (residential and SME sectors), allowing distributed actors to connect as individuals within a single integrated eco-system; designed to manage all device loads and distributed energy resources (DER) in a holistic self-intelligent manner and optimise both energy use and flexibility.
The distributed services are aggregated through different actors (aggregators, retailers, ESCos, energy communities, etc.), to interface directly with the energy markets via SPLODER. The exchange capabilities of SPLODER goes even further by managing Community-level and Peer-to-peer markets on local or micro-grid level, whether trading as individuals, or as part of an energy community or aggregated services within an energy community.

SPLODER’s disruptive innovation is able to manage the flexibility of all manageable electric devices at prosumer level in a cost-effective manner, regardless its size, using simple low-cost connected technology as smart-plugs or thermostats, connecting both load devices and DER: hot water cylinders (Heating Water), heating/cooling, water pumps, batteries, electric vehicle charging posts (V2G or G2V) and freezing. Electronic devices can be connected directly to the platform using IoT connection or with a cloud-to-cloud API integration with the manufacturer (hardware agnostic), which is the most common nowadays.

SPLODER is a pioneering solution that allows ‘consumers’ to be at the centre-stage in the new electricity system, becoming active participants as ‘energy citizens’, selling energy services in form of power and flexibility back to the grid, and working in network of communities, aggregating services and enabling peer-to-peer economies. SPLODER is a cloud-based solution with a strong user-centric user experience referred to as Service Dominant Logic design approach.