Society speaks daily through their dresses, their clothes and their costumes. And who does not know how to listen to it in this sense, crosses it blindly
Umberto Eco, Writer

The Circular Project is a pioneering project in the world of sustainable fashion due to its holistic approach to working fashion integrally as part of a whole: social, ecological and economic.

A project around organic and responsible fashion made in Spain that is part of the Economy for the Common Good (*) that seeks to spread the desire for collaborative work and awareness with the environment, through a fashion that is differentiated by an Ecodesign exclusive, a local production, a taste for local commerce and an immense love for the planet in which we live.

With its name it alludes to the Circular Economy because we are looking for a fashion whose materials at the end of their life can be integrated back into Nature without causing any harm, that are reused, recycled and optimized.

The Circular Project Shop is a sustainable fashion store in Madrid and is the first space in this city specialized in the commercialization and dissemination of Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Fashion with the aim of promoting and promoting it, supporting ecodesign in all its aspects from the manufacture for sale both physically and online, until its communication and dissemination in all areas. It is a sustainable fashion store with clothing free from labor exploitation, made in Spain and resulting in conscious fashion.

In this sustainable fashion store in Madrid, brands coexist united by the desire to transform the industry into a sustainable model that is more respectful of people and their environment. All of them have been homologated to offer the client the traceability and guarantees of fair, sustainable and ecological trade.