Triple is a healthy and eco-efficient coworking and event space. Meeting and work point for companies with Triple Balance DNA. Synergies between companies concerned about the impact their activity produces on people and the planet are promoted. At TRIPLE we help them increase their positive social and environmental impact.

We want to contribute to change. TRIPLE is a space that was born with the mission of giving Triple Balance companies an epicenter and thus bringing together in the same place, a business fabric that is committed to a more just, sustainable and ecological world. Learn more about the origin of TRIPLE.

Triple Balance
The triple bottom line describes the ability of companies to operate profitably, while causing positive change in the world. People, Planet and Profit are three axes of sustainability and transparency that can and should be measured. The TRIPLE Strategic Diagram allows us to better explain how.

We are a company committed to the ethical values ​​of eco-sustainability and social justice. In addition, we bring Good Living to your workplace. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have all the well-being possible while you create. It is time for you to enjoy Good Work.