PiA Lab 4.0 (Philosophy-in-Action)

A co-development co-creation space/Lab where we develop a Deep-Purpose 'presencing' approach with the common drive to address the three divides: Ecological, Social and Personal/Spiritual

Safe, supportive, caring, collaborative collective-space to co-develop a regenerative life and deep-purpose philosophy - a community where we learn and improve together, only requiring good, honest and wilful intention. The ‘action’ we seek is co-creativity and creation of common projects that address the 3-divides, the Ecological, Social and Personal/Spiritual divides:

[self-with Nature], [self-with-the-Other], and [self-with-Self]

We bring with us an: Open-Mind - Open-Heart - Open-Will

We achieve this through collaboration, co-aching and an open-source space for creativity.

Power in Numbers




Project Gallery