NaturalDyer delivers a disruptive innovation solution by providing digitised and interconnected services enabled through an online SaaS digital hub, the ND Platform and smart contracts. ND creates a virtual verticalization of key textile industry agents who work to deliver bio-based textile from farm-to-market.
ND provides a unique place that allows designers, ateliers, textile-editors and converters to work with a centralised database of certified quality-controlled bio-based material.
ND connects farmers (supplying biodegradable fibre, dye plants and algae), mills (spinning fibre) and dyeworks (delivering chromatic colour-range of bio-blend yarns), to deliver timely supply of material to match demand, as a global digital exchange. The demand and supply are also matched with production capacity of weavers, ensuring excess capacity or slack is used on power looms. Integration of digital looms and latest technology to customise weave height and density allows for agile and rapid delivery of textile samples based on label-size fabric.