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Stemy Energy

Advisor for Regenerative Community Energy Design & Energy Transition in Stemy Energy. Responsible for the development of the business planning, supporting the commercial strategy, analysis of EU regulatory framework, competitive analysis and proposal development for funding. Analysis of engagement strategies and gamification methods for community building and energy citizen’s engagement. Developing proposals for the obtaining of bridge funding for seed stage and go-to-market worth 13M euros, requesting €2M grant and €10M equity under the EICs Accelerator Pilot programme.
FlexCommunity ECOSYSTEM is a ground-breaking energy management platform, with an electricity + flexibility exchange that brings highly advanced technology with a user-friendly experience designed to help small consumer (residential and SME) to optimise the benefits from electrification and newly opened electricity markets. New technologies are radically changing the way electricity is produced and consumed by small consumers, permitting distributed generation of energy (mainly Solar PV), connection of smart electrical devices (heating, cooling, hot water, EVs, batteries, etc.), IoT enabled buildings, smart platforms, and smart grids, are enabling smart management of energy – the so called “internet of energy”. In this new paradigm, traditionally passive consumers are given the opportunity to be ‘active energy citizens’, able to organise as powerful ‘energy communities’ who share energy and aggregate their actions to participate in the electricity system.
Status: Completed feasibility study, business plan, and commercial strategy and plan. Proposal developed and submitted to obtain seed-stage bridge funding for go-to-market, project worth 13M euros, requesting €2M grant and €10M equity, €1M self-funding; under the EICs Accelerator Pilot programme.

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