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The Circular Project

Regenerative Business advisor and project designer for The Circular Project, responsible for development of new business models and strategic planning of The Circular Project in Madrid. TCP is a member of the Association of the Triple Balance Businesses, who’s CEO is the chain of the Madrid Sustainable Fashion Association.
In a recent initiative have been responsible for design and development of a collaborative project proposal with the aim of developing a Fashion and Textile (F&T) CircularInnoBooster project (InnoBooster) is to transform businesses in the F&T industry to be to regenerative, circular and sustainable. The project applies a progressive and innovative approach, taking a broad holistic and systemic perspective of circular economy, based on regenerative business design principles, human-centric design and community engagement models. The aim is to apply the broadest application of Circularity, taking into account environmental, social and economic dimensions in a balanced manner. The project also takes a transnational European outlook to implement cross-border and inter-regional cooperation to help participating businesses with the transfer of knowledge and best-practice regarding sustainable/circular fashion and textile.
The project focuses on a range of actors from independent self-employed professionals of the industry through to innovative Startups or SMEs looking to transform their business. CircularInnoBooster counts on leading Partners and experts in the field to organise capacity building and support activities for SMEs, designers and start-ups in the fashion industry - covering the entire value chain from raw material to final products, including in-life use and end-of-life outcomes - aiming to ‘close the loop’ across the value chain. The circular design is both demand-led and innovative, involving community advisory groups to co-create and participate in the project’s outcomes - helping businesses become brand innovators to create and boost the emerging market and create the next economy in sustainable fashion and textile.
To this end CircularInnoBooster will run an acceleration programme called CircCoAX which will provide expert mentors and a business support scheme, including technical and financial support; to help participant partnerships in scaling-up of innovative applications, products, processes, new business models, new branding strategies or concepts for sustainable and circular fashion and textile.

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