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Why transition to a HumanNation now?

HumanNation is a response to our moment.


With an ever more connected world, enabled by technology in communication and transport, real-time connectivity, virtual & physical social interactions globally, exposure to diverse cultures, and  ever-more democratised access to information and knowledge - all mean that increasingly we are learning of the similarities of human experiences and broadly shared values; gaining a global vision of humanity and our planet.


In this journey we are becoming aware of the fragility and limits of our planet – the interconnected and complex so-called “Gaian” ecosystem. A global movement of ecological and social conscience has emerged and is fast growing, united by the ever present transboundary and transversal challenges humanity now faces, as climate change, pollution, infectious disease, forced migration, social inequity; the negative impacts of our behaviour reflected locally but spanning across the globe - posing an existential threat and betting on the very existence of our human civilisation. We are experiencing the mass extinction of species caused by the externalities of our economic and social design. The list of symptoms of this systemic breakdown goes on: chemical and plastics pollution affecting our water, air, the depletion of the precious top-soil, desertification, global biodiversity loss, pollination crisis, stressed cities at breaking-point or broken, social instability, polarisation of society and violence - etc.
These symptoms are the ills of a predominant system that has been fuelling an exploitative behaviour and injustice, designed through a global financial system that primes individualistic behaviour and promotes maximisation of economic profit while externalising social and environmental costs - a so-called 'race to the bottom'.


The ‘tragedy of the commons’, the social breakdown and loss of community caused by a polarised, individualistic and atomised society is on the other hand igniting and mobilising an optimistic 'call to action', moved by a growing need for personal meaning, a sense of community, empathy and consciousness.

Massified access to information creates transparency and near-real-time access to information about global supply chains and the impacts of our extractive and linear consumption-production economies and choices, that create mountains and oceans of waste. We are also getting inspired and motivated globally by learning through collective intelligence regarding innovations, solutions, and alternative approaches to tackle our challenges. The insatiable aspiration to gain in material and technological solutions to our needs, there is a void that is uniting us in search of a higher purpose, meaning and sense in our approach to life and priorities, revitalising collaborative purpose to meet common challenges we collectively face.

The existential and security challenges we face are calling for unison and collaborative action because their transversal and transboundary nature affects the common good. 

HumanNation is a project that has evolved to respond to global challenges through bringing together business and society, encouraging a human-centred transformation to be able to adequately respond. HumanNation therefore promotes the re-humanisation of business and communities.

The ambitious mission is achieved through a human-centred approach to systems-design and complexity science, applying innovation and regenerative solutions, aiming to transform businesses to become a force-for-the-common-good. HumanNation provides strategic advice to create For-Purpose organisations that deliver drastically disruptive and transformative solutions with real impact in tackling societal challenges.

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